Dad of Divas' Reviews: Amazing Fathers Day Rube Goldberg Machine

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Amazing Fathers Day Rube Goldberg Machine

Yes, it's another Rube Goldberg machine, but this time it's done right for Fathers Day. The online education startup recently set out to celebrate Father Day with a fun Rube Goldberg machine highlighting top gifts for dad - From goofballs and golf clubs to lawn mowers and chess sets. iPhones and MacBook’s to Cigars and Razors. Let's be real, you can never get enough of Rube Goldberg machines. You can find the Grovo Fathers’ Day Rub Goldberg machine steps below…

Grovo is an online education-training platform that helps users better use the internet with bite-sized, personalized training videos. produces 1-minute online videos covering the latest changes to apps and online tools like Facebook, Evernote, and Google Apps. Grovo maps these updates to the services people use. People are notified in real-time to help them use the services.

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Mateo said...

Hi Dad of Divas!

I'm Mateo, the Community Manager over at Grovo. Pleasure to connect with you :)

Thank you for covering both our site and our Father's Day video!

Please let me know if there's ever anything we can do to make your Grovo experience even better, or if you need any help getting started with our lessons.

Warm regards,