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Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review - Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty

About the Book
In this story told in the first-person form of a letter from a middle-aged man to his deceased father, Hanson invites us to journey with him through the final days of the father’s life, finding a magical transition waiting at the end of that journey. The story weaves end-of-life reality and spiritual questioning into a sensitive and revealing tapestry of Truth and Wisdom. The tapestry is colored with true stories of mystical experiences that inform the spiritual path of the son.

Most of us will face difficult and painful end-of-life decisions with the most important people in our lives. The threads of this aspect of the story are sensitive, and Hanson reveals the struggles and destinations of the son as he wrestles deeply with the journey that he must walk in making these decisions for his dying father.

About the Author
Neil Hanson lives and works in Colorado. Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty is his first book. He blogs actively and writes articles for periodicals. He is an avid outdoorsman, passionate about hunting and fishing. He spends a great deal of time bicycling the roads and trails of Colorado, and backcountry skiing in winter. His passion for gardening spills over into a joint venture with his oldest son, where they operate a landscaping and construction company in Colorado.

My Take on the Book
What are we certain of ? What are you certain of?  When encountered with your own mortality are you certain of what comes next?

When we are with a loved one who is passing from this life to eternal life are we certain of their journey and passage?

Through this book the author encourages you to explore the strength of 'uncertainty" as a gift through which the magic of wisdom and truth might enter your life.

The story begins with a man writing to his father who has passed away. He feels he has seen and felt the passage and transformation from the death of his father's earthly body and the movement to the divine where his father is going into.

The author writes about his youth and the search for a spiritual connection. He had an experience of near death while wrestling which led him down a path to his Divine Soul. This out of body experience taught him much and he continued to try to locate someone who could assist him in this journey. He found that the Bible was one avenue to begin to  understand the Divine and the eternal.
The author recalls incidents from childhood with encounters with his father that were both challenging and rewarding.

His thoughts are with  his mother and siblings as he recalls the interactions in the hospital as their father laid in a coma.

Our author shows regret for his past and a desire to make amends.

He describes the grief of losing his father but also the comfort of being present at the time the Divine Light took his father to his resting place.

As the writer concludes the letter to his father, he expresses his gratitude for the genetic gifts, emotional gifts, intellectual gifts, and spiritual gifts his father shared with him. He hopes he can share and pass on these gifts to others.

At the end of the day , maintaining loving relationships is important but not always easy. We possess the gift of forgiveness which enables us to maintain important relationships. Treat each other with kindness and love.

What kind of letter would you write to a loved one who has passed on? Or better yet, what kind of letter could you write today to let someone know how important they are  in your life ?

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Tribute Books said...

Chris, I really appreciate your thoughts on Neil's book. I can tell that you really connected with its message. As a dad blogger, I really appreciated your take on the father-son relationship and what a powerful moment Neil experienced when he shared his dad's last moments.

We're grateful that you decided to be a part of The Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty blog tour.

Good luck to all who leave comments - first wins a paperback and all others win an ebook of Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty.

MyBitsandBleeps said...

Would be interesting to read his point of view


Neil said...

Thanks much for the review Chris!

Neil Hanson

Neil said...

Thanks for reading the book and posting the review Chris!

Neil Hanson