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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Book Review - Quinny & Hopper: Smart Cookies

Quinny & Hopper: Smart Cookies

About the Book
Breaking news from Whisper Valley Elementary: -Sweets are now against the law -A mysterious third grade "smart list" has appeared -No one uses the new Friendship Bench (shocker) In times like these, Quinny and Hopper need each other more than ever. Quinny is determined to overturn the sweets ban. Cookies make school a happy place! But how can she focus on her petition when horrible decimals and fractions are taking up all her time? Hopper can't stand that a mean and untrue list hurt his best friend's feelings. He has an idea of how to make school a better place and reinvent the Friendship Bench—but is crushed when others take credit for his actions. Hopper may not love the limelight, but he isn't invisible either! In the third installment of this acclaimed series, Quinny and Hopper learn that friendship makes life's happy and hard times that much sweeter.

My Take on the Book
This is a great book set for elementary school readers. I read this with my daughter and I have to say that we loved the main characters of the book. With these characters being in 3rd grade the book is great for upper elementary readers. The book is one that will definitely grab your attention and will keep you connected from beginning to end. My daughter loved that she could relate to the characters as they were just a little younger than she is and they have experienced some similar situations as well. I could relate to the busy schedules of the parents in the book as my life has become this! The book was fun but also had some great teaching moments as well. This was a quick read that was fun to share with my daughter.

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