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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Book Review - Making Friends

Making Friends

About the Book
Sometimes making a friend is a lot easier than keeping one!

Sixth grade was SO much easier for Danny. All her friends were in the same room and she knew exactly what to expect out of life. Now that she's in seventh grade, she's in a new middle school, her friends are in different classes and forming new cliques, and she is totally, completely lost. What Danny really needs is a new best friend! So when she inherits a magic sketchbook from her eccentric great-aunt in which anything she sketches in it comes to life, she draws Madison, the most amazing, perfect, and awesome best friend ever.

The thing is, even when you create a best friend, there's no guarantee they'll always be your best friend. Especially when they discover they've been created with magic!

My Take on the Book
Below is a review that my daughter wrote about this book.

I love graphic novels. When I heard about this I was excited to read this and see what I thought. As I got into the book I really liked the characters. My favorite character was Danny because she was nice and I could relate with her wanting a best friend as I cannot imagine life without the best friends that I have in my life. I found myself wishing that I had a magic sketchbook. I don't know if I would draw a best friend but I would dram a monkey as I have always wanted a pet monkey. I also loved the illustrations throughout the book. The illustrations allowed me to feel connected to the characters and the story which made me read through the book even faster than usual.

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