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Monday, June 11, 2018

Book Review - Brush Pen Illustration

Brush Pen Illustration

About the Book
Curious about the world of brush pens but aren't sure where to start? Brush Pen Illustration shows how to draw pretty much anything in 2 – 4 steps.

Brush pens have taken the illustrating world by storm! This unique medium comes in hundreds of colors and produces a beautiful, soft, watercolor effect which has had lettering artists buzzing. Now, though, illustrators in all walks of art are incorporating brush pens' into their repertoire as a simple way to include color and motion into their art.

Brush pens' style is reminiscent of Chinese brush painting and drawing. They offer a gentle, paint-like quality that replicate watercolor paints without having use paint and brushes. Brush Pen Illustration is a comprehensive guide which shows you how to draw pretty much everything in 2-4 easy steps; apples, zebras, penguins, flowers, this book shows you how to draw everything under the sun with fun and colorful brush pens.

My Take on the Book
This is a great book for any artist that wants to learn more about brush pen illustration. I have not used brush pens in the past, but had some around the house. Through the reading of this book I truly learned a ton about using these brush pens in the right way to create some very fun images. I was impressed by the way that the author was able to walk the reader through the steps that they needed to follow to create these fun images. It took a bit to get the technique worked out, but after trying and learning more I was able to fix my technique to be able to get the image to look more like what I was seeing in the book. This is a great book for any artist that wants to learn more about brush pen illustration, I know I learned a lot and you will too.

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