Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Major Eights 3: The Goo Disaster!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Book Review - The Major Eights 3: The Goo Disaster!

The Major Eights 3: The Goo Disaster!

About the Book
In book three of the Major Eights series, Maggie has to ace her science fair project or she won't be able to perform with the band at the annual arts banquet!

Maggie is thrilled to perform with the Major Eights at the school's annual arts fund-raising banquet. But when Maggie's science grade starts slipping (her one difficult subject), her mom refuses to let her play at the banquet unless she can get an A on her science fair project. Can Maggie and the girls find a way to make sure Maggie aces the project?

My Take on the Book

Below is a review my daughter wrote about this book!

What I liked about the book. The Major Eights was about four girls: Becca, Jasmine, Scarlet and Maggie that are in a band together. Maggie's dad in in the Navy so he had been gone for more than 6 months. The book is mostly about Maggie and starts with Maggie as she gets a D on her science test and her teacher says she can get her grade up by doing the science fair. The problem is that the big concert that their band is in is two days before the fair which will cause problems in getting the science fair project completed.

Maggie is going to work with her neighbor Kevin to make a goo for their science project. When Maggie and her friends where practicing Kevin came in and asked if Maggie could work on the goo. She could not but Kevin asked if he could stay and watch the band and they said yes. Then something strange happens while the goo was on the speaker and while Maggie was playing the drums - the goo jumped like it was dancing.

On the day on the performance they perform great and everything goes well and even Maggie's dad can come to see the performance.

I thought it was a great book and I really enjoyed it and you will too.

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