Dad of Divas' Reviews: DVD Review - Yu-Gi-Oh Gx: Season 2

Monday, June 22, 2015

DVD Review - Yu-Gi-Oh Gx: Season 2

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About the DVD
It's year two at Duel Academy, and this semester is more intense than ever! Jaden somehow passed his finals, so he s now back with his friends to continue his training at the world s most prestigious dueling school! But it s not all about classes and textbooks. This year is filled with one high-stakes battle after another as Jaden faces all new rivals like Pro League All-Star Aster Phoenix, dino duelist Tyranno Hassleberry and the sinister Sartorius!

This was a great DVD set that I was glad to have gotten! I had been hoping for a while that it would be released. As a fan of this series from the past, I truly enjoyed the first season and in watching this, they did a great job at capturing the series. You get a ton of great episodes on six discs with action, great writing, characters and so much more! Get ready to be entertained thoroughly for hours on end!

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