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Monday, June 29, 2015

Book Review - Descendants: Mal's Diary

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About the Book
For anyone who wants to know more about what Mal is really thinking, this diary gives readers a special glimpse inside her world with super-secret journal entries and Mal's doodles and drawings. Plus bonus pages for the reader to write down her own thoughts and feelings!

My Take on the Book
This was a great additional book that really allows you to explore who Mal really is and what she is really thinking and wanting to accomplish. While you might think that Mal would be happy to be released and brought to Auradon, once you read her diary, you get a different picture of her true intentions.

This book is "written" as diary entries by a young girl named Mal. She has magical powers. She is not a princess, nor does she at first want to associate with royalty. In fact her mother , who is similar to a villain, was banished by Beauty and the Beast.

The diary has drawings, text and lots of details about her everyday life. She writes her thoughts on situations and her feelings. she tells the reader her plans too. Mal experiences trouble and tells her diary how she problem solves.

The book was interesting in the fact that Mal appears to want to continue a path similar to her mother at the beginning of the book, but then you see her attitude change. She becomes more positive and kind towards others. Mal has challenges and with her friends' help she is able to defeat the villains.
Mal is trying to figure out where she fits. I think young girls who have the everyday challenges like the "girl" Mal is experiencing with school, friends, family would probably enjoy this book. It is not meant for a young child.

This was a a great book that any fan of this series would love!

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