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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Book Review - Boy, Were We Wrong About the Weather!

Boy, Were We Wrong About the Weather!
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About the Book
Ancient Sumerian warriors used to think that lightning and thunder were caused by an angry weather god —boy, were they wrong!

Even today once common ideas about how our weather and climate work are changing as new discoveries are being made. Kathleen V. Kudlinski and SebastiĆ  Serra team up to debunk old—and sometimes silly—myths about weather and to celebrate the pioneers that made meteorology the science it is today.

This award-winning series is especially meant for the budding scientist and is perfect for children who are fascinated by the natural world and how it works.

My Take on the Book
Even though this is a children's book about weather and weather myths , as an adult reading this book, I learned new facts. The author relates the history of weather prediction to the reader. Some of the early weather reporting efforts will make you smile, but that is all those people knew. The book does an excellent job describing the way weather is formed for your child. The scientific names and facts are clearly labeled through diagrams/illustrations and excellent text.

Kathleen V. Kudlinski shows our global warming is a culprit for much of our weather changes. She gives evidence to this in her book. She also explains easily how we can slow down the process as humans. I believe she has information we all need to heed. It is not too late to help our children to become more conscious of their role in the Earth's weather.
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