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Sunday, June 28, 2015

DVD Review - Mutant Planet: Season 2

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About the DVD
Discover the astonishing diversity of plants and animals that have made their homes in the unique ecosystems of this Earth. Scale the mountains on the West Coast of India to look into the eyes of the giant purple frog, dating back to the age of the dinosaur. Travel to the tropical Island of Borneo to meet the world s rarest ape and the mesmerizing gliders that fly through the 130-million-year-old jungles. And trek through the Namib Desert of Africa to count over a thousand different plant species, along with the foxes, hyenas, and other carnivores that almost completely subsist on termites. In these five episodes from MUTANT PLANET, you ll marvel as these rare ecosystems reveal their odd inhabitants, showcasing their amazing ability to survive against the odds.

My Take on the DVD
This was not only an entertaining season, but an educational one too. You learn so much about the world around us, especially when it comes to some very cool, and unique animals that for more, will never have heard of or seen before. The series is made in such a way that you get lost in the story and the beauty and mystery of the situation (or at least I did). When I watched this with my girls that thought that the animals were very cool and asked if they could see many of them at our local zoo. Unfortunately, I had to tell them no, as our Zoo is pretty limited to what it has and with the uniqueness of these animals, at east we can see them in this series! All-in-all this is a great series and it definitely got my girls hooked, and they are now asking me quite regularly when they can see more!

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