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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Book Review - The Book of Bad Things

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About the Book
One kid's trash is another kid's terror in this spooky supernatural mystery.

When Cassidy Bean leaves New York to spend the summer upstate, she's disappointed to find that Whitechapel is not the quiet, pleasant suburb she remembers. Ursula Chambers, the strange old hermit at the end of the cul-de-sac, has passed away under mysterious circumstances. And the townspeople are shocked to discover that Ursula was a hoarder: Her farmhouse is teeming with stacks of newspapers, piles of furniture, mounds of antique dolls and taxidermy animals.

Cassidy watches as the people of Whitechapel descend upon Ursula's farmhouse, claiming her abandoned treasures for their own. She listens as rumors spread that Ursula's vengeful ghost is stalking the town with a warning from beyond the grave. And when Cassidy resolves to uncover the truth behind the strangeness, she learns there are more bad things in the world than she ever suspected. . . .

Modern master of the macabre Dan Poblocki is back with another scary story best read at night.

My Take on the Book
My eldest daughter loves a spooky story and this was one that definitely delivered. Not only do you get a story that is definitely scary in places, even more so, the story is filled with suspense, with chapters leaving you guessing to what has happened and what is bound to happen in the pages to come. The book was well written and I loved how the author interspersed Cassidy's journal entries throughout the book as it added an extra dimension to the overall book. The author keeps you guessing as Cassidy uncovers the clues of the mystery and the following strange occurrences. You may have your guesses throughout the book, but do not be surprised if they are proved incorrect in the end. This was a well written book that was fun and engaging for young and old readers alike!

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