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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Review - Train Your Brain: Super Tricky Teasers

Train Your Brain: Super Tricky Teasers: Expert

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About the Books
Designed by three puzzle-book pros and long-time Mensa workers, this super-tricky book is jam packed with almost 100 pages of puzzles--from number stumpers and visual teasers to verbal tests. Kids will find themselves stuck, stumped, and thoroughly challenged as they flex their brain muscles

Train Your Brain: Mind-Twisting Puzzles: Beginner

My Take on the Book
There are three books in this series from beginner to expert. Each book is packed with puzzles, questions, and challenges for the reader. Your verbal and numerical reasoning will be tested. The reader is asked to use logical thinking, visual clues, and differentiating between relationships.
Each book becomes more challenging. It requires the reader to take the time to solve the puzzles.
I feel these books were meant for an older child. In fact as an adult looking through the books and solving some of the puzzles, some were very challenging indeed.

All of the answers are located at the end of the book. 

This set is a great series for someone who enjoys puzzles.

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