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Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review - Double Take: Portraits Over Time

Double Take:  Portraits Over Time

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About the Book
The black-and-white photographs in DOUBLE TAKE: Portraits Over Time (Books & Books Press; October 2014), by portrait photographer, Maggie Evans Silverstein, document the same children over a period of time: The images chronicle the essence of childhood through the years (in some cases decades) and mark the delicate transition into adulthood. There are 50 photo sets, each of which is accompanied by a short, personal vignette, either by the subject of the image or the subject's parent, reflecting the fleeting moments and stand-out events that have irrevocably shaped their lives. In these side-by-side photographs, the children might as well be saying, "Watch what happens, I'm traveling between the frames, slipping into more of who I will be."
Double Take:  Portraits Over Time

The following is a sample from DOUBLE TAKE:

The swiftness of time and passing of childhood -- all in the blink of an eye -- remains a beautiful mystery. The spirit of these striking photos and illuminating commentaries shifts from loyalty to rivalry to friendship to loneliness, and yet, they have a certain connective thread that explores the ways in which we live, love, and find meaning in our lives. No matter what the circumstances or course of events, the life moments documented in DOUBLE TAKE are universal to us all.

Double Take:  Portraits Over Time

About Maggie Evans Silverstein

I am ten years old, walking down Raeford Road in short shorts: I am sixty-five. I have twelve grandchildren. On any given day if you should ever sit quietly and think very quickly through your own history, certain things would pop up, others would lay low. But what would always be true is how fast time goes.

Maggie Evans Silverstein has been a portrait photographer for over forty years. She is a former editor for Tropic, The Miami Herald's Sunday magazine. Maggie wrote features and essays that included her photographs, and a weekly column on art and architecture. Her photographs have appeared in national publications and have been exhibited at local galleries. She has photographed many bestselling authors for their book jacket covers, including James Hall and Les Standiford. Maggie lives in Miami. Please visit for additional information.

My Take on the Book
This was a cool book. As a photographer, I really loved seeing pictures over time. The book motivates me to try and do this with my own girls. The book really captures the fleeting nature of childhood. I loved seeing how the children changed into adulthood and it just makes me realize how fleeting my own time is with my own kids.

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