Dad of Divas' Reviews: Top DIY repair secrets for Dad this Father's Day

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top DIY repair secrets for Dad this Father's Day, the complete online resource for the do-it-yourself (DIY) repair market and official home of the Virtual Repairman, wants to turn every dad into Mr. Fix-It this Father’s Day. Today, the company is revealing the top dos and don’ts of DIY appliance repair to help fathers avoid the most common home-improvement mishaps.
“Many do-it-yourself dads have the enthusiasm to tackle their own appliance repairs, but not necessarily the know-how and experience to complete the projects safely or correctly”
If past home-improvement projects have resulted in more power outages and floods than actual solutions, rest assured. The following tips will help dads avoid these faux pas and make the next DIY appliance repair a breeze:

DO look into the appliance’s manufacturer warranty, as well as the warranty for your home, before you start to see if the repair in question might still be covered. There is no sense taking on a project that could be done for you at no extra cost.

DO conduct background research. Watch relevant how-to videos, know what tools are required and familiarize yourself with the portion of the appliance you will focus on. Also research how to properly handle the parts surrounding the item you’re replacing so as not to cause additional breaks or damage.

DON’T forget to disconnect the appliances from utility circuits such as electrical connections and water lines before beginning the repair process. Forgetting this crucial step could lead to damaging and dangerous situations. Appliances must be in a stable position on a level surface before you attempt to work on them.

DON’T use a part that is similar to the one you need, or one that you are “pretty sure” is the right fit for your product. Every make and model is different, and attempting to insert the incorrect repair part will more often than not result in appliance disaster. Substandard parts from your neighbor’s garage or plucked at random off a shelf at the hardware store will not give you the results you’re looking for.

DON’T use broken or improper tools. Approaching every household appliance with that same pair of pliers is not only ineffective, but it can also cause unnecessary wear to the tool, as well as injuries. All dads’ toolboxes should be equipped with the following tools in a quality brand: multi-bit screwdriver with ratcheting, combination wrench, wire strippers, nut driver, and multimeter. You should also have a selection of at least two to three types of pliers, including needle-nose, slip joint and water pump pliers.

DO take photos during each step of the repair process. The best-kept secret to successfully reassemble an appliance is to always have your digital camera on hand. Flipping backwards through the step-by-step photos you took during the repair will serve as your roadmap for piecing the appliance back together.

DO know your DIY limits and take proper safety precautions. Safety goggles and other protective apparel should be worn at all times, particularly when dealing with spring loaded mechanisms. Protective gloves should be worn when working around glass items or sharp metal edges, and if you are moving an appliance, protective footwear is a must. It is unsafe to attempt a repair that is beyond your comfort level, so don’t be afraid to call in the experts.

“Many do-it-yourself dads have the enthusiasm to tackle their own appliance repairs, but not necessarily the know-how and experience to complete the projects safely or correctly,” says Service Director Steve Ash. “These dos and don’ts should serve as a good guideline for dads and help them avoid the faux pas and headaches most commonly associated with do-it-yourself maintenance and repair.”
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