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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DVD Review - Rock 'N Learn Phonics 2

About the DVD
Practice is the key to reading and spelling success-and now it's more fun than ever. We've turbocharged our best-selling Phonics video program with new animation along with sentence and story practice. Volume 2 builds on Volume 1, with catchy rhymes to make rules easy to remember. Delayed answers and our "on-screen mouth" let students check their reading and pronunciation. Read-along stories and fun songs provide practice applying the rules and building reading fluency. Context clues help students develop multiple strategies to read for meaning.

Ages 6 & up. Approx. 78 minutes
Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 2 DVD is perfect for students after they've mastered the material on Volume 1. With Phonics Volume 2, students discover other ways besides "silent e" to make long vowels, such as: ai, ay, ee, and ie. They practice long vowel patterns and apply phonics rules by reading sentences with words that feature long vowel sounds.

Students also practice reading words and sentences with r-controlled vowels, diphthongs, the schwa sound, syllables, ending sounds, and more. Eventually, students read stories that proceed from simple to complex. By also singing along with songs about the stories, students build reading fluency and have lots of fun.

Rock ‘N Learn Phonics is designed to allow learners to practice specific chapters in the DVD as many times as needed before moving to other material. This self-paced approach allows repetition and fun review. as needed. Because Rock ‘N Learn Phonics DVDs have catchy songs and lots of humor, students enjoy working with the material as often as required to ensure mastery. Exciting new, animated characters entertain students and motivate them to build the skills for becoming confident readers. The little human mouth found on many sections helps students properly form the sounds and check their pronunciation.

Busy parents appreciate an approach that's easy for students to use on their own. These DVDs differ from complicated kits that require a lot of time to understand and figure out before being used. You won't find a phonics video program more thorough and entertaining than Rock ‘N Learn Phonics DVDs. Kids are thrilled to work with the phonics video segments again and again. They take pride in their accomplishments as they build skills and boost their confidence.

Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 2 is developed by educators who recognize that students have different abilities and ways of learning. Teachers love an approach that facilitates differentiated instruction by including several different ways to practice the lessons. Plus, teachers can use our phonics DVDs with one group while providing individual attention to other students. The entertaining visual and musical format of Rock ‘N Learn Phonics DVDs engages students and gets results when other methods have fallen short. Students learn in a variety of ways, and our phonics videos provide an effective tool to meet individual needs and unique learning styles.

Rock 'N Learn Phonics DVDs are perfect for regular education, special education, remedial classes, ESL, and adult basic education. Plus, many students have found our phonics videos to be helpful for learning to speak English. We have even received success stories of our phonics programs helping adults improve their reading and spelling skills.

Teachers can use Rock ‘N Learn DVDs with any DVD player, computers with a DVD player, interactive white boards, and projection screens. Interactive whites boards often come with software that allows teachers to stop the video and add their own content to the lessons on our phonics DVDs.

Phonics Volume 2 covers:
Introduction • Long a • Long e • Long i • Long o • Long u • Sentence Practice • ar • er, ir, ur • or • ire, are, air • Story: "Fruit on the Beach" • Song: "Fruit on the Beach" • Diphthongs (oi, oy, ou, ow) • au, aw, all, al • Sentence Practice • Break It Down (syllables) • Schwa Sound • How Many Syllables? (phonemic segmentation) • Ending Sounds • Endings: y and le • Sentence Practice • Rule Breakers • ph and gh • Memory Words • Read-Along: "The Dog Days of Summer" • Silent Consonants • Story: "The Zany Rainy Bread Lady" • Song: "The Zany Rainy Bread Lady" • Read-Along: "Jade and Chip's Amazing Snow Dance"

Bonus Sections-Reading for Fluency
Story: "Fruit on the Beach" (Faster Pace)
Story: "The Zany Rainy Bread Lady" (Faster Pace)

My Take on the DVDI had reviewed Phonics 1 in the past and found this to be great for pre-K students, and Phonics 2 is a great follow-up to the first DVD going into more complex words and concepts. My daughter is going into first grade this next year and I can tell that this would be a great DVD for any first grade student.

With the use of great music and repetition, this DVD hits home the point of the importance of learning to read. What I loved about this DVD is that it makes reading fun, and I can tell that as a child you would just want to watch this to "rock out" as well as simply having fun with the on-screen characters.

All-in-all, this DVD provides kids a great way to learn!

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