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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Review - The Immortal Lost

About the Book
In H.R. Phillips’ The Immortal Lost, Alessar Belmonte, a warrior, is entrusted with the protection of the main character, Dylan Black. In an evil show of force, the Favored are back. Their mission: to destroy the human race and to control the Lost Ones. Follow Dylan and her rare powers as she collects images from people’s thoughts. Her special powers leave the enemy completely defenseless.
Alessar Belmonte must work with Gelmir in reaching the Immortal ancestors. Together they will teach them how to use their powers for noble purposes. Alessar warns, “If the darkness and its followers ever found an Immortal before Gelmir and I were to sequester them, they could be lost to us and bonded with evil.”

Alessar faces a fascinating dilemma, for it seems that he belongs to the family of Guardians that must protect the bible of the Prime Immortals. The dilemma is that he knows he must also protect Dylan Black and keep her hidden from Abaddon, who is the leader of the dark forces. Golda must never find out that Alessar is guarding Dylan.  

From the very first moment that Alessar sets eyes on Dylan, he knows that his heart has been captured. Alessar describes how “it was taking every effort I had not to go over and wrap my arms around her and kiss the silly little pout from her dreaming lips.” Alessar finds it hard to focus on his mission to protect Dylan—especially when he discovers that she has feelings for him, too. He must resist—for the fate of so many lies with him. 

Can Alessar stand strong when his heart aches to be with Dylan? Will the sparks between Alessar and Dylan blow their cover? Will the dark Immortals become suspicious?  

Read The Immortal Lost to find out if good ultimately wins over evil. Follow Alessar as he works to reach the Immortal ancestors—he will not stop as long as he must protect Dylan—and all that is precious to him.

My Take on the Book
I love science fiction and this book definitely falls into this genre. The book itself is jam-packed with action and was a very quick and engaging read. The characters were well developed, though Allesar's character was probably my favorite within the book. Though a fairly short book(232 pages) the book does pull you in and makes you want to know more. The book itself is a part of a new series, so if you read this, be ready to get hooked and ready to read more in the future!

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