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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review: Superuseless Superpowers

About the Book

Superman. Spiderman. Captain America. These are our childhood heroes. But in this hour of economic downturn and global strife, what we really need are heroes possessing powers so fathomable, so unexceptional, so merely adequate, that they could only be deemed “Completely Useless.”
Thankfully, Superuseless Superpowers provides just such a collection:

  •  In-flight Flight: The ability to fly, but only while inside an airplane that’s already flying.
  • 13th Bullet Bulletproof: The ability to deflect the 13th bullet that hits you.
  • The Powerpointer: The ability to turn any situation into a graph.
  •  Flawgic: The ability to have flawless logic when arguing with your girlfriend.

Presented in varied hilarious styles, from comic strips to newspaper clippings and ads, Superuseless Superpowers is the ultimate collection of useless superheroes and their powers, based on the popular blog and meme (a #1 trending topic on Twitter). 

Adolfo Alcala, Patrick Conlon, Jason Nitti, and Neel Williams became friends while working at the same Madison Avenue advertising agency. Talk about underachievement. They have created national and global ad work for clients like Bacardi, MTV, and Xerox. And despite having to create the occasional ad that says, “Congratulations Joe Smith on being named Minnesota Natural Gas Exploration Team Leader of the Year,” all four consider themselves “communication artists.” The quartet was impregnated with the Superuseless concept while on a lunch break one day. Nine months and several dozen inebriated conversations later, Superuseless came screaming into the world via the blog Jason and Adolfo handle the illustrations while Patrick and Neel provide the snarky commentary. The blog has been featured in Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, Reddit, Metafilter, Neatorama, and Gawker i09.

My Take on the Book
This book is a great compilation of truly superuseless superpowers. As a person who loves comics and as I grew up thought how cool it would be to have superpowers, I found this book to be a humorous look at some of the powers that I would never want to have. Some of the powers were definitely funny, while others were ones that left you saying, really? Saying this though I was happy to have found this, and I did find it to be a fun book that I have already shared with other superhero fans! So if you are a fan of comics and superheroes, then this book is a great one to read!

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