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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review: The Quest of the Warrior Sheep

About the Book
A silver object falls mysteriously from the sky and lands on Sal, a matronly Southdown ewe who lives happily with her sheep friends on Eppingham Farm. Sal was proud to be a member of a great and ancient sheep family.

She worried sometimes that the younger generations, even the four other Rare Breeds with whom she shared her paddock, no longer cared about their glorious heritage. Unfortunately for Sal, she can’t tell the difference between a cell phone and a divine message from the gods. The sheep are convinced that an ancient ovine prophecy is being fulfilled. The Eppingham Posse – Oxo, Links, Jaycey, Wills and Sal – is fleeced up and ready to go. They must go North (so to Scotland, perhaps?), on a mission to aid Lord Aries, Sheep of all Sheepdom, Ram of Rams, in his battle against the powers of darkness in the shape of Lambad the Bad. Thus the Eppingham Posse of Rare Breed Warriors is born.

At the same time, a pair of bumbling criminals drops their cell phone from a hot air balloon. Luke and Neil, who have been stealing bank money over the internet, race to find the phone before someone looks through it and finds evidence of their crime.

A couple of woolbags aren't going to stand in their way, even if they have to chase them all over London.

My Take on the Book
This book will have you laughing your belly off! You are able to have a blast following the adventures of the five sheep and the humans that are trying to catch them. With a plot that incorporates things such as concepts like being abducted by aliens, destroying incriminating evidence or simply going home, this story has a little bit of everything for any reader!

What was most funny in this story was the number of misunderstandings that bring forth a ton of hilarious adventures. As you read on, I know that I simply wanted to see how the author would conclude all of the differing storylines, but amazingly they did, and I can say that I was satisfied with how things came together and I am sure you will be as well. 

My daughters also enjoyed the book and they too wanted to see how the story would end. While they did not understand everything they still laughed and loved reading about the sheep. They even asked whether there were other stories about the sheep.

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