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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Book Review - Pugs in a Blanket: A Wish Novel

Pugs in a Blanket: A Wish Novel

About the Book

When Sam comes home one day to find two mystery pugs left on her porch, she's sure it's destiny. She's always wanted a dog of her own, even though her parents say that their catering business keeps the family too busy for a pet -- let alone two!

But Sam has to take in the sweet, abandoned pups . . . at least until their real owners turn up. Only, she's not quite prepared for how hard it is to wrangle two frisky dogs, especially when she sneaks them into the parties her parents cater. Thankfully, cute new boy in town, Jai, whose dad works at the same events, is on hand to help when the pugs start wreaking havoc.

Sam and Jai are also determined to find just where the pugs came from, and they start posting about the pups online. But if they solve the mystery, and the dogs' owner does come forward, will Sam have to give up the pugs she's fallen in love with?

My Take on the Book
This is a book that has a lot of heart. The book itself was a ton of fun and had a great plot. The characters were real and once you meet these troublesome pugs you will love them too. The book is one that really has some mystery along with themes of friendship, humor and heart. If you love dogs and a fun story that will engage you from beginning to end and you will love this book!

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