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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Book Review - Kitten Kingdom: Tabby's First Quest

Kitten Kingdom: Tabby's First Quest

About the Book

Princess Tabby is no scaredy-cat!

Princess Tabby loves playing in the palace with her brothers and reading about brave kitty heroes. When Tabby and her brothers accidentally give away a magic scroll to the evil King Gorgonzola, they must leave the safety of their castle to get it back.

But reading about adventures and going on a real quest are two very different things. Tabby's never been afraid before, but suddenly she doesn't feel so brave. Will she be able to find her courage and save Mewtopia?

My Take on the Book
Tabby is such a fun character. I think all kids in some way are timid when it comes to being courageous and leaving what you know for something larger and you see this in the main character as well. The book is filled with memorable characters that will push you through the book quickly! The book has a fun adventure within the book ad even has a villain that you will love to hate. The book is a fun read and for me, it was even more fun because I read it with my daughter!

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