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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Review - The Little Book of Sketching

The Little Book of Sketching

About the Book
Everyone suffers from a little boredom sometimes; The Little Book of Sketching is the remedy to these dull moments! This guide will have you flipping the day's doldrums into artistic inspiration!

If you've ever been held captive in a long meeting, sat for hours in a doctor's waiting room, or been stranded at the airport, there is help to be found! And you'll find it in The Little Book of Sketching.

A journey that both inspires and entertains, The Little Book of Sketching shows you how to pass the time through life's daily events using nothing more than a pencil, a sketchpad, and your imagination. Filled with quirky, witty sketches and plenty of fun, aspiring sketchers will discover how to turn life's boring events into inspired artistic moments.

Simple drawing ideas and minimal tools make off-the-cuff sketching accessible to anyone, anywhere. Beginning with a brief introduction to the artist’s process, readers will then be treated to a plethora of scenarios and situations from which to draw inspiration for their own doodled artwork; moreover, the illustrations and prompts are sure to induce a smile, reduce stress, and deliver creative inspiration throughout your daily life.

My Take on the Book
If you want to get a better feel on bringing your ability to sketch to the next level then this book is definitely one that will help you do just that. I was very impressed with the overall book and with the way in which it was set up to walk you through every step that will help you to increase your confidence and ability to create amazing sketches in the future. I know that for me I was able to learn so much about sketching and in the end I think I learned a ton as well. This was a great book that will help you increase your sketching ability as it helped me as well.

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