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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Review - Children in Our World: Global Conflict

Children in Our World: Global Conflict

About the Book
With our 24/7 news cycle and constant access to the latest headlines, the world can be a scary place. Now imagine you're a child trying to make sense of it all!

That's where books from the Children in Our World series can help. Each book uses relatable comparisons, carefully researched text, and striking illustrations to help kids understand the many difficulties that children just like them face in the world today. In Global Conflict, children can get answers to questions like: what is global conflict? And how does it affect people in countries all over the world? Children will begin to understand the way others struggle with these issues and discover ways they can help. Award-winning illustrator Hanane Kai uses a deft hand to create powerful illustrations that help children visualize the people impacted by poverty, hunger, war, racism, and more. All of the images are sensitively rendered and perfectly suited for younger children. These books are an excellent cross-curricular resource--use them to explore important issues and tie them into discussions about food, wealth, compassion, empathy, and current affairs.

My Take on the Book
This was a powerful book that really allows you to better understand global conflict and have some very important conversations with your kids. With the world being like it is, too often we see conflict rising around us. While this can be scary, this book shares details in a way a child can understand and will not allow young kids to be frightened by the concepts, even though some of them may be scary or even confusing. This book helps to start a common dialogue on these issues!

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