Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Geronimo Stilton: The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Book Review - Geronimo Stilton: The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost

Geronimo Stilton: The Hunt for the Colosseum Ghost

About the Book
The Colosseum is being haunted by a gladiator ghost. None of the tourists want to visit anymore! Geronimo must solve the mystery and rid the site of its ghost.

*Plus BONUS Mini Mystery: The Cheese Burglar

Can Geronimo clear his name and catch the real thief before it's too late?

My Take on the Book
In this Geronimo Stilton book there are two stories. The first one is about the Colosseum ghost and the second one is titled THE CHEESE BURGLAR. I found both stories fun to read with fast paced action and scenes where the reader had to think about what was happening and what might happen next.

In the Colosseum Ghost, the reader will learn facts about Rome, the ancient buildings, and the role of a Gladiator. Geronimo , nephew Benjamin and niece Trappy travel to Rome and become involved in a mystery taking place in the Colosseum. Tourists are afraid to enter the Colosseum because they are frightened by a Galdiator ghost. As this fast paced adventure proceeds, we learn that Madame No wants to purchase the Colosseum and already the reader might be thinking she is behind the mystery. And she is. As the mystery is being solved and Madame No escapes, one will wonder if she shows up again in another story.

In The Cheese Burglar, the reader becomes the investigator and is guided through each chapter to help in solving the mystery of the stolen cheese rinds. Unfortunately Geronimo is jailed because they think he is the thief,but with the help of his family and friends, the real thief is revealed. However the thief escapes. There are many visual clues so make sure as a reader you look at the illustrations. At the end of this section are "cheesy jokes" that your young person will find fun to read.

Your second through fourth grader will enjoy this story.
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