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Friday, July 21, 2017

Game Review - ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game

ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game

About the Game
Players are being tested against their skills of instructing robots through the war, in an artificial war zone. First one to reach the middle grid of the board wins and will be selected as Commander of Robots. Select color of your choice for CELEB and shoot through enemies as you approach the winning grid. 

Shoot Cards will be distributed equally to all the players. First player starts the game by picking up the top card of Instructions deck and moves his robot according to the command on his Instruction card. If he gets to move to a new grid on the board using this card, he can collect the top card of Resources deck. Each player picks up an Instruction and moves to collect resources. When it is first players turn again he can choose between playing his resource and picking up a new instruction. As the game goes on, you will collect more resources and strategize your game better.

ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game

Skills covered:
  • Sequential Logic
  • Conditional Logic
  • If-Else Syntax
  • While Loop Syntax
  • For Loop Syntax
  • Functions
  • Bugs 
  • Robotic Movements
ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game

  • Learn computer programming like never before! Beginner and Strategy levels to enhance progressive learning in kids
  • Fun filled educational game. Players get to shoot other players’ robots through the war. Commands for bots are written in Java, but readable as simple English
  • No prior coding skills are required for kids or parents to play the game. Contains miniature robot coding toys,.
  • The game is a highly interactive way to introduce coding to kids. It adds programming logic and syntax to kid’s skill set and makes them ready for future of work.
  • Specs: 2-4 Players, ages 7 years and up, 40 - 60 minutes. Strategize your cards smartly to eliminate the other Robots and reach the winning zone first!

My Take on the Game

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