Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Fact Attack: The Byte-Sized World of Technology

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Book Review - Fact Attack: The Byte-Sized World of Technology

Fact Attack: The Byte-Sized World of Technology

About the Book
Did you know more people have cell phones than toothbrushes? That Google answers about a billion questions a day? Or that Alexander Graham Bell wanted the standard telephone greeting to be "Ahoy"?

Discover these incredible facts and more in the next Fact Attack book, all about inventions and technology. Fact Attack is an exploration of the most amazing and awe-inspiring facts about technology and inventions throughout history. Heavily designed with different approaches on each page, the style is dynamic, fresh, and in your face. Whether you flip to a page to learn a digestible fact or read it from beginning to end, this is a book a reader will return to time and again.

My Take on the Book
There are 372 facts about technology and inventions in this book. I found it so interesting to read. The illustrations show the objects that the facts are written about. You may learn a date the invention was created or a timeline for a technology's past to present. Some of the facts I found interesting were: An astronaut's suit weighs 280 pounds on Earth and it is weightless in space. Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen in 1767 and called his invention of soda or sparkling water his "happiest discovery". Computer printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids costing almost $5000 per gallon. You will truly enjoy reading these amazing facts and sharing them with others.

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