Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump

Friday, July 28, 2017

Book Review - Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump

Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump

About the Book
Susannah Maya Logan is not having a good day. She doesn't want to go to her best friend, Lola's sleepover. Susannah thinks the house is big and spooky, not to mention the ghost that is said to live there. Lola's big brother, Kai, loves to tease Susannah with scary stories. Throughout her day, she sees people deal with things that scare them. Her sight-impaired friend, Macy, is terrified of unicorns, of all things. She sees a boy at a party who's frightened of clowns. Her teacher is afraid of getting a cold. Susannah realizes everybody is scared of something. She wishes she was more like Lola, who is not afraid of anything, or so it seems. Susannah discovers people have different ideas of what is scary and what is not, and only they can determine the difference. Join Susannah as she learns to confront her fears and not let her imagination prevent her from having fun.

My Take on the Book
This was a very fun book by Carole Roman! What I loved was it really talks about fears that many children have and is a great motivation for them to know that they can overcome these fears. I also loved that the author brings in a special relationship between Susannah and a blind child. Thus, the book talks about fears yes, but it also goes deeper into issues of building friendships with people different than you, inclusion, and more.

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