Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Waylon! Even More Awesome

Friday, July 21, 2017

Book Review - Waylon! Even More Awesome

Waylon! Even More Awesome

About the Book
Waylon thinks most problems can be solved with science. But when it comes to having to share a dog with Baxter Boylen, science may not be very helpful.

Baxter is the closest thing to a juvenile delinquent Waylon has ever met. He's always getting called to Principal Rice's office, and now he's even having meetings with the chief of police. At least the two boys can visit their dog, Dumpster Eddy, while they're at the station. Eddy is behind bars in the Stray Animals' Lock-up.

When a new Animal Control officer takes over, it looks as though the dog's days are numbered. Waylon comes up with a science-y plan to save Eddy, but can he trust Baxter to help him carry it out?

My Take on the Book
Talk about a fun book with fun characters! I have met kids like Waylon before but this author really brings together a great story that shows how different people can work together toward a common goal. The book is fun, offers humor, adventure and a bit more too. The book keeps you questioning what will happen with Dumpster Eddy and whether Waylon and Baxter can actually come to terms and work together too. The story was a ton of fun that you and your kids will truly enjoy!

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