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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Book Review - American Girl Like Sisters: Emma Moves In

American Girl Like Sisters: Emma Moves In

About the Book
Three girls. Two families. One incredible friendship pact.

Emma has always loved spending time with her cousins, twin sisters Natalia and Zoe. Even though Emma lives 3,000 miles away, when they're together, it's like no time has passed.

At a family reunion, the girls' parents have a big announcement: Emma's family is moving back to town--the three girls will finally live in the same place after all these years! Their parents are turning an old family home into a charming bed and breakfast. Natalia and Zoe are thrilled. Emma is looking forward to the move, but is secretly worried that her whole life is about to change in a big way.
And it is. But the changes about to happen are both more wonderful and more challenging than any of the girls are expecting!

My Take on the Book
A girl in about 4th grade with a reading level between 3-5th grade will enjoy this story . This chapter book is one of several by this author. They are wonderful books about friendship, relationships, problem solving, and the kinds of situations that often occur between friends and family members.
Clare Hutton in this story tells us about Emma who lives in Seattle with her mom and dad. Her dad is a chef. Their family lives in another town, Waverly which is by the ocean.

Emma loves spending time with her two cousins, Zoe and Natalie. Emma's mom and her sister decide to renovate their mother's house into a bed and breakfast, so Emma moves to Waverly.

The author begins to show the reader how Emma's plans for her and her cousins to do everything together begins to change. As school begins Emma must find her place and make friends which does not come easy. However Emma is clever and a good problem solver. She finds a way to be with her cousins and one of their friends who does not act friendly at the beginning of the school year but certainly begins to change. 

Clare Hutton has a good sense for the feelings and issues that girls this age encounter. I think your daughter will enjoy reading this chapter book.

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