Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Jolley-Rogers and the Monster's Gold

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Book Review - The Jolley-Rogers and the Monster's Gold

The Jolley-Rogers and the Monster's Gold

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About the Book
Ahoy there, shipmates! Join Jim Lad and Matilda as they sail the seven seas (and the coast of Dull-on-Sea) in search of treasure in this latest adventure from Jonny Duddle featuring the Jolley-Rogers.

When Matilda discovers a treasure map inside an old bottle, she shows it to the Jolley-Rogers and they all set sail to find the mysterious island on the map. Unfortunately, they end up in the belly of the dastardly Pirate Cruncher! Can Matilda and the rest of the Jolly-Rogers rescue themselves before it is too late? Or will they end up trapped there forever? Expect adventure, laughs, and perhaps an almighty sneeze.

My Take on the Book
Matilda is fishing with her father when she reels in a bottle with a treasure map. The map will lead Matilda, her friend Jim Lad , and the Jolley Rogers to an island where a sea monster guards a huge treasure chest of gold. In this chapter book which is meant for ages 6-9, the crew find an island inhabited by a pirate , a huge number of monkeys and scarlet parrots. As you read the story you will understand the importance of the parrots in thwarting the sea monster's devouring of the crew. In an interesting twist to the story , Matilda and Jim find themselves in the monster's belly along with discovering 91 old pirates who live there. Quick thinking helps them escape and the old pirates , Matilda, and her friends/family live comfortable back at home. The story is full of action and will keep the reader engaged throughout the story.
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