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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Book Review - Blue Sky Yellow Kite

Blue Sky Yellow Kite

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About the Book
Here is a beautiful, poetic picture book about discovering one of the most beautiful treasures of all -- friendship.

  • Daisy sees a yellow kite flying in the sky and is immediately taken with it. It leads her to a young boy, William, who lives on the other side of the hill.
  • William shares the kite with Daisy and shows her how to fly it. But before she knows it, Daisy is running away, back to her home -- with Williams kite.
  • Daisys elation over the kite turns to guilt, a feeling that keeps her awake all night.
  • Having the treasured kite doesnt seem as important anymore. Will Daisy be able to right her wrongs?
  • 32 pages.
  • Full-color illustrations throughout.
  • Hardcover picture book with dust jacket.
  • 8-1/2 by 11-1/4 inches high.

Author Janet A. Holmes was born and grew up in Perth, Western Australia. After completing an Arts Degree at the University of Western Australia, Janet worked as a research assistant. Following a Graduate Diploma in Education, she worked as a teacher-librarian in a primary school. She then moved to Canberra, Australia, where she currently resides and writes.

As a little boy, illustrator Jonathan Bentley liked soccer and drawing. When he was about eight years old he realized that he might not be good enough to play soccer professionally and so he concentrated on drawing instead. He likes to work with a range of materials including acrylics, oils, and line and watercolor. Jonathan looks forward to the day when he has a big barn-like studio somewhere in the countryside.

My Take on the Book
It was a beautiful day with sunny blue skies and a good stiff breeze. Daisy was outside and saw a kite that William was flying. Being a good friend William allowed her to use the kite, but Daisy ran off with it. You can only imagine how William felt as his kite was taken after he shared it with Daisy. 

This is a beautiful and sensitive story about friendship, forgiveness, and kindness.

The authors created the perfect ending as Daisy returns the kite and William helps her make a kite of her own. There is much to discuss with your child about the events and actions of the characters as you read this story.
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