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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Book Review - Geronimo Stilton Micekings: The Mysterious Message

Geronimo Stilton Micekings: The Mysterious Message

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About the Book
The micekings have received a mysterious message in a bottle! Unfortunately, most of it has been damaged by water -- but Geronimo can tell it's from the Oofa Oofas, the laziest rodents in the ancient far north. The micekings set sail to Oofadale, in case the Oofa Oofas are in trouble. But on their way, the dragons attack! Fjords and fiddlesticks, what an adventure!

My Take on the Book
Here is a new Geronimo Stilton adventure book for your 2-4 grader to read and enjoy. The book is written on a 4th grade reading level. In this story, Geronimo Stilton lives in the ancient north in the town of Mouseborg. He is a mouseking . A message is found in a bottle so the mystery leads Geronimo and his friends to the town of Oofadale. Once there they encounter dragons who wish to eat them and they battle for their lives. As the battle is won, the mystery of the message is solved, but poor Geronimo still has not won his special helmet. Maybe he will in the next story. This is a great adventure story with funny lines and play on words. They mystery will keep the reader engaged from beginning to ending.

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