Dad of Divas' Reviews: Activity Book Review - Star Wars Builders: Millennium Falcon

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Activity Book Review - Star Wars Builders: Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Builders: Millennium Falcon

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About the Book/Kit
Discover what makes the Millennium Falcon the most famous ship in the galaxy with this master builder kit! Featuring a 64-page book detailing out some of the ship's most daring adventures and introducing members of the crew, Star Wars fans will enjoy learning more about one of the most legendary starships in the galaxy. Plus, this kit includes thick puzzle-like pieces so fans can build their very own Millennium Falcon ship for all their adventures.

Star Wars Builders: Millennium Falcon

My Take on the Book/Kit
This was an amazing kit that not only allows you to read about and understand a ton about Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. On top of this though you can build the Millennium Falcon too. Talk about a ton of fun! I loved this myself and my daughters thought that the kit was not too difficult too. I loved that you could not only learn about the ship but also the characters and you had something tangible at the end of the project too!

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