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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Book Review - American Girl: Tenney Shares the Stage

American Girl: Tenney Shares the Stage

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About the Book
Tenney and Logan are a harmonious match onstage, but behind the scenes, they are totally out of tune. In this third novel, Tenney has signed a recording contract and is ready to make the album of her dreams . . . she just wishes she didn't have to do it with moody Logan Everett! They're supposed to be songwriting partners, but Logan doesn't even seem to be trying. Just when it looks like they've found their harmony, Logan suddenly disappears, and Tenney wonders if he has bailed on their act. A couple of months ago, Tenney would have gladly taken the opportunity to go solo. But as she learns more of Logan's story, she begins to wonder: Do she and Logan need each other--and their music--now more than ever before?

My Take on the Book
Tenney and Logan live in Nashville and sing together in their two person band.They both come from musical families.In the beginning of the story you see their individual personalities clash and it is often difficult for them to work together outside of their performances.

Logan has many responsibilities at home due to his dad touring, his mom working, and he is supposed to take care of his younger brother. All this plus school and practicing put a lot of stress in Logan's life.

It is not until they decide to perform at a hospital for sick children that they realize they love performing together. They convince their parents, their manager,and with the help of other people, Logan's stress is released so he and Tenney can practice after school again. 

It is a story about the challenges of life, persevering when you want something and there are roadblocks in the way. It is a story about friendship and learning to compromise . It is a story about allowing your feelings to be known.

This story is an American Girl book which celebrates a girl's inner star.
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