Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - A-MAZE-ING Animals: 50 Mazes for Kids

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Book Review - A-MAZE-ING Animals: 50 Mazes for Kids

A-MAZE-ING Animals: 50 Mazes for Kids
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About the Book
Find 50 Fun, colorful cartoons-within-a-maze from the designer of the world's largest hand-drawn maze and internationally-acclaimed creator of MazeToon! Mazes are a great way to increase hand-eye coordination, bolster problem-solving skills, sharpen reasoning, and more. You'll get all that and then some with these 50 colorfully illustrated mazes that feature fully solvable characters, cartoon elements, and imaginative creatures that figure prominently along every start-to-finish path. Themed, integrated animal illustrations (set within the mazes) are fun, playful, and perfect for big kids and grown-ups too. Besides navigating the usual twists and turns of a traditional maze path, puzzle-solvers will have to navigate through crazy cartoon features, like a dinosaur's mouth, a bat's wings, a vulture's beak, a frog's tongue, and more. There are dozens of dead ends, illusions, twists and turns that increase with the difficulty level. It's not just thoroughly entertaining it's absolutely A-MAZE-ING!

My Take on the Book
This is a great book with some very cool mazes that are made from images of a ton of different animals. We loved trying the mazes and found that some of them were easier than others but all of them were a ton of fun overall. If you love mazes, this book is one that will bring you and your kids together and you can have a ton of fun together!

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