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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Review - DAD: Hundreds of Awesome Quotes about the Guy Who Does It All

DAD: Hundreds of Awesome Quotes about the Guy Who Does It All

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About the Book
This handsome, two-color collection highlights more than 400 quotes about fatherhood from notable dads in the worlds of sports, politics, the arts, and more.

“My dad believed in me, even when I didn’t. He always knew I could do this.” —Taylor Swift

The relationship between father and child is one that embodies love, protection, and pride. From Sidney Poitier wanting to be just like his dad to Jimmy Fallon describing fatherhood as a whole new level of happiness, these voices soar when describing the profound influence a father can have.

With quotes by and about fathers, including everyone from Barack Obama and Matt Damon to Sigmund Freud and Meryl Streep, Dad is the perfect gift for the most important man in all of our lives.

My Take on the Book
Father's Day will be celebrated soon and this little book has arrived in time as a special gift for your very own special DAD. This delightful book will be a wonderful way to show your Dad how special he is. The book is filled with quotes from many famous individuals. They were written by women and men. The quotes are taken from actors, writers, past U.S. Presidents, comedians , daughters, and even from proverbs.

Here is one written by Bindi Irwin . She is a known actress and TV personality. She wrote about her dad:My daddy was my hero.He was always there for me when I needed him. But most of all he was fun.

John Krasinski , an actor, said this on fatherhood: There is a mirror that is held up to me now.You have someone watching you.You have to lead by example.

So many interesting and thought provoking quotes about dads and fatherhood. You will enjoy sharing this book with your dad.
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