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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book Review - Pete's Dragon Junior Novel

Pete's Dragon Junior Novel

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About the Book
Pete has a friend and protector in the huge green dragon Elliot. But when they are discovered in the forest, Pete must find a way to protect Elliot in return. A boy and his dragon find friendship, adventure, and a place to belong in this junior novel based on the upcoming Walt Disney Studios film, Pete's Dragon. Includes an 8-page photo insert!

My Take on the Book
Many years ago Disney made a film called PETE'S DRAGON. The movie was loved by many.
There is new version coming to theaters shortly. The new story is different but just as endearing to those who love the original.

I enjoyed reading this book based on the new movie of PETE'S DRAGON. It had all the adventure, love, compassion, and friendship of the first one. The story was very different and an excellent read.
The story begins as Pete and his parents are involved in a car accident. The accident leaves him an orphan and this is where Elliot the dragon comes in to take care of Pete.
The adventure continues as Elliot is captured and it appears to be a hopeless situation until Pete and his friends save Elliot. 

The author wrote excellent descriptive passages and it will give the reader such imaginative scenery and episodes in their heads as they read. You can see the fear, excitement, determination, suspense,happiness, and recalling on the minds of the characters.
Pete finds a new family and so does Elliot.
I believe this book is not only a great independent read but also one that can be read with a child and enjoyed together.
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