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Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Review - The Battle For Oz

The Battle For Oz

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About the Book When a foreign queen invades Oz and steals its citizens’ magic, the land turns to someone who has aided them before: Dorothy. But the silver-slippered girl has grown up, and in her years away from Oz the game has changed. So, in order to defeat this new and unfamiliar enemy, Dorothy seeks the aid of Alice, a legendary woman who once famously defeated a queen.

My Take on the Book
Jeyna Grace certainly has a vivid imagination and shows it beautifully in this creative story. Basically Oz is taken over by the evil Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland book. The leaders of Oz are sent to the dungeons (like Glenda and Scarecrow). The evil queen takes their powers and basically creates fear among the inhabitants of Oz.

Dorothy is sent to save Oz. With the help of Alice (from Wonderland), lots of magic, and good problem solving, the evil queen is sent away from Oz. Oz returns to its original beautiful place to live.

This story has adventure, hungry ugly trolls, palace guards that kill for the queen, and near death experiences for both Dorothy and Alice.
The author writes with great details which will encourage your mind to make mental pictures of the story events. The story is fast paced and the reader will want to read the next chapter and the next chapter.

I would probably say this is not a young child's story, but an upper elementary and middle school student will most likely want to read it.

Jeyna Grace is a gifted writer. she has written short stories for HELLO KITTY and BARNEY  magazines . This book is certainly a new phase in her creative writing.

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