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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Book Review - How to Write Your Best Story Ever!

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About the Book
Aspiring writers love to dream up stories…but getting them down on paper may be a challenge. That's where How to Write Your Best Story Ever! can help. This book is bursting with creative ways to help youngsters craft all types of stories. Helpful features include:
  • Hints and tips to create amazing characters and settings
  • Story Sparks to help young writers come up with exciting plots
  • Word Webs that offer choices that add flair to stories
  • Ways to wrap it all up with a brilliant ending
  • Inspiration along the way from fantastic fiction and advice from bestselling authors
  • Chapters devoted to writing stories such as Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, Mash-ups, and more
With this essential guide to writing and a little bit of imagination, kids can write their best story ever!

My Take on the Book
My daughter loves to write stories. This book is filled with a ton of great tips and resources about how to come to come up with an amazing story and to collect and write a coherent story that people will want to read over and over again. The book was easy to read and my daughter learned so much as it came to writing a quality story and as you or your kids read this you will learn more too!

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