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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Book Review - Just Add Color: Rainforest

Just Add Color: Rainforest

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About the Book Here's a new and exciting addition to the best-selling Just Add Color series! Mindfulness, wellness, enhanced creativity, and stress-busting are just some of the benefits attributed to adult coloring books. It's no wonder that coloring has taken its place at the grown up's table as a legitimate form of artistic expression, right along with painting and drawing. Plus, it's just so much fun! In Rainforest, you'll find 120 pull-out images including a Add your own color palette to images of army ants on the rainforest floor, monkeys swinging from the treetops, toucans, toads, and more. Just Add Color and you'll be so entranced, you'll run for your crayons or coloring pencils as often as you can. Includes a QR code to relaxing ambient music.

My Take on the Book
My daughters were so excited to be able to color all of the amazing animal images within this book. The great thing was the variety of images that were shared in this. My oldest loves lions and we found images of them in the book. My youngest is a huge fan of monkeys and we had these too.. The pictures are beautifully created and by coloring them you really make them jump off the page. The book is so well coloring these images will bring you and your kids together!

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