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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Book Review - Foxcraft: The Elders

Foxcraft: The Elders

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About the Book
Isla's search for her missing brother, Pirie, has brought her to the vast Wildlands. The forest is a treacherous place for a fox cub, but Isla is talented in foxcraft -- ancient arts of cunning known only to her kind.

Skilled though she is, Isla's grasp of foxcraft is still new. And she's not alone... A cruel and mysterious fox stalks the forest, with the power to enslave others to his will. In order to survive, Isla must learn to trust in the rustic Wildlands foxes.

But there are tales of others -- a council of Elders who are masters of foxcraft, and who warily guard its most potent secrets. If Isla wishes to master her gifts and find her brother, then the Elders may be her only hope.

My Take on the Book
This was a great book with an amazing group of characters. The nice thing in this book is that there is a great plot within the book and with the few storylines that were happening you will be drawn in from page one and you will enjoy the book tremendously throughout the entire time that you are reading the book too. As a sequel this was a great add-on to the series!

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