Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Train Your Brain Cranium Crunchers

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Book Review - Train Your Brain Cranium Crunchers

Train Your Brain Cranium Crunchers
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About the Book
Hey kids--are you ready to train your brains? This series of fun books will really let kids give their brains a workout! Designed by three puzzle-book pros and Mensa members, these brain-teasing books are brimming with mind-scrambling puzzles. In Cranium Crunchers, there's almost 100 pages of number stumpers, visual teasers, logic problems, and verbal tests. Split into three levels of difficulty--called Super Brain, Mega Mind, and Ultra Genius--the books get more challenging as they progress. Kids, adults, and anyone else who enjoys a good dose of mental calisthenics will find themselves hooked by each puzzle-solving challenge.

My Take on the Book
Another great puzzle book that will challenge the smartest people! We loved trying all of the number games and I for one was pleased to see my kids thinking hard about these and trying their best to do well. Even when they failed the first time they tried again which I was proud to see! This was a great book that was entertaining and challenging!

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