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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Book Review - Beard in a Box

Beard in a Box

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About the Book
A funny father-son romp for fans of Don’t Push the Button! and Mustache Baby.

A young boy longs for a beard like Dad’s, and when he discovers a hair-growth product called Beard in a Box, he must have it! He rips open the package, plants the beard seeds, and waits . . .

And waits . . .

And waits.

Hilarious art and a feel-good ending make this the perfect Father’s Day gift for bearded and clean-shaven readers alike!

My Take on the Book
Such a nice story for a dad and son to share. Children often look up to their parents and try to emulate their behavior. In this story the little boy thinks his dad gets his strength and wisdom from his beard. So the son wishes to grow a beard too. He succumbs to an advertisement for beard growing and the fun begins. 

It is a sweet story about the father helping his son to see that the beard can be shaved off and the dad is still the wonderful dad he always was in the son't eyes. 

The book has a good message for those who read it.
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