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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Review - Barnacle is Bored

Barnacle is Bored

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About the Book
Barnacle is stuck on the underside of a pier, wishing he had something to do. Every day is exactly the same. The tide comes in and Barnacle gets wet. The tide goes out and Barnacle dries off. Boring! Barnacle wants something EXCITING to happen. Then a colorful fish swims by. Barnacle bets the fish doesn't have a boring life. In the end, it turns out exciting isn't always better. . . This picture book is an irreverent and playful answer to any child's declaration of boredom!

My Take on the Book
My one thought as I read this book is the adult reading the story may want to explain to the child what a barnacle is and why the barnacle seems to be attached to the dock throughout the entire story. The child will probably see the other sea animals moving in the story and may be curious about the stationery barnacle.

The story is for a young child and it was an enjoyable story to read. It is about perspective. The barnacle was bored and decided it wanted to be like the other sea animals moving about. The barnacle however found put pretty quickly that other sea animals have issues that can cause them danger. It realizes it is fortunate to be where it is and decides it is not bored anymore.

The hiding of the barnacle is a very cute ending to the story. Even funnier is what occurs with the fish who was swimming about happily and decided it was bored due to the unfortunate circumstance of being swallowed by another fish.

The illustrations are colorful . As you read the story you can easily see the characters emotions. The text and illustrations match perfectly together.

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