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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Book Review - Extreme Coloring Mandalas

Extreme Coloring Mandalas
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About the Book
This unique adult coloring book is for people who like to take their artistic pursuits to the next level. The Extreme Art series features high-quality, lavishly packaged, and specially commissioned artworks that will challenge, entertain, and stimulate you for hours. Taking inspiration from intricate mandala designs, Extreme Coloring Mandalashelps you create your own individual masterpieces with these exquisite images. Inspirational quotes stand beside the art, so you are intrigued and informed even as you color. Plus, perforated pages in every book allow you to share your incredible creations. You're sure to come away relaxed, enthused, and longing to do it all over again!

My Take on the Book
As you look at this coloring book, you will quickly realize it is not an ordinary coloring book. Each page contains intricate designs using the mandala design.

The mandala design is one in which there is a center and the design radiates from the center in geometric patterns.Mandala is a word in Sanskrit . If you have visited churches,especially the churches that are older like Notre Dame you will recognize the mandala design as it is used in a major stained glass window in the church.

Because the designs are so intricate, you will need to make sure your coloring instruments have sharpened points. There are many hours of relaxing coloring and creativity for the artist in the EXTREME COLORING MANDALAS coloring book.

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