Dad of Divas' Reviews: Get the ball rolling with Downys easier way to soften clothes

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Get the ball rolling with Downys easier way to soften clothes

The Downy Ball

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Everyone does their laundry in their own way with their favorite products. Not everyone likes to use dryer sheets because they might not always give clothing the softness people are looking for. Some people use both liquid and sheet softeners. Liquid fabric softener might do a better job at making clothes smell better and feel softer but for some, using fabric softener can be a chore. In the past, you would have to wait for the rinse cycle before you could even think about adding the softener. The wait is over, Downy created The Downy Ball, it automatically releases softener during the spin cycle which means no delays, no dryer sheets and no mess.

The Downy Ball

I have been using this within our own laundry now for a few weeks and I have seen a marked difference in the ease of getting things done as well as the lack of overall mess that occurs within the laundry too. On top of this I think that the clothes feel softer and I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that now all of the clothes are truly getting the fabric softener applied to them instead of only partial coverage. 

All-in-all I have been impressed and think that you will be too!

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