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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Review - Ghostly Thief of Time

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About the Book

The EMU Club is called into action again when they realize that the school janitor is an evil ghost trying to disrupt the flow of time!

My Take on the Book
Stuart, Brian , and Violet are members of a club called the EMU Club. EMU stands for Exploration Mystery Unbelievable Club. This book is the second one written by Ruben Bolling. It is written for middle grade students. The chapter book includes a mystery, of course, adventure, funny situations, and lots of challenges to our main characters.

The children come into contact with a school janitor (at least he appears to be the janitor). In reality he is a time traveler sent to avert a war due to an election that was going to be held at the school. The janitor and the three children use various devises to foil the attempt to keep the school open to voting, thus the war is averted.

Ruben Bolling is such a creative writer. His first book had the same creativity. His humor will delight the children engaged in the story. Ruben is the illustrator of this book. The illustrations depict the emotions of the characters so well and complement the text.
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