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Saturday, October 31, 2015

DVD Review - The Nutcracker Sweet

The Nutcracker Sweet
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About the DVD
It is Christmas Eve and the Silberhaus children are excited for the festivities to begin. Marie and Fritz are playing in the children s room when their godfather Drosselmayer arrives and presents them with an early Christmas gift, a Nutcracker. Marie witnesses a great battle between a vast army of toy soldiers led by the Nutcracker against a terrible platoon of mice commanded by the Mouse King. Follow Marie and Fritz s journey in the Kingdom of Dolls, through the Christmas Forest, past the Almond Milk Sea, and the Palace of the Marzipans.

My Take on the DVD
If you are familiar with the story of the Nutcracker which has been on stage and produced for television viewing too, you will be surprised at this version called THE NUTCRACKER SWEET. In this animated movie, Marie and her brother Fritz receive a toy soldier from a relative for Christmas. Marie is aware immediately that the soldier is "alive". 

There is still the evil mouse king with his army of mice but there are new characters as the children and the soldier are transported to a world of candy canes, huge gumdrops and more.

There is adventure and magic. The characters are involved in new challenges and battles to escape from the evil. 

This is also story of a sister's love for her little brother.

I think you will find this movie entertaining but be aware it is not the version you may be familiar with from the past.
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