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Monday, October 5, 2015

Book Review - Lassie Come-Home

Lassie Come-Home

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About the Book
Lassie is Joe's prize collie and constant companion. But when Joe's father loses his job, Lassie must be sold. Three times she escapes from her new owner, and three times she returns home to Joe, until finally she is taken to the remotest part of Scotland—too far a journey for any dog to make alone.

But Lassie is not just any dog.

First published in 1940, Lassie Come-Home has become one of the best-loved dog stories in the world. This beautiful 75th anniversary edition showcases the original text and illustrations with a striking new jacket design and a new introduction from bestselling author Ann M. Martin.

About the Author
ERIC KNIGHT (1897-1943) was born in Yorkshire, England. After moving to the United States, he eventually settled on a farm in Pennsylvania, where he wrote Lassie Come-Home.

My Take on the Book
It I hard to believe that this classic and beloved story of Lassie is 75 years old.This particular copy has the original text and illustrations in black and white. .The illustrations are gorgeous.

The original story took place in northern England. The author assists the reader in visually seeing the home Lassie and his "boy"owner lived in at the time of the book's writing. Especially touching is the way the author is able to portray the love relationship and devotion between the boy and his dog. And Lassie proves over and over again that she will do anything to return to Joe no matter where she is transported away from him.

The reader will see joy, sorrow, fear and anxiety. There is adventure. You will see Lassie struggle, go through hunger, and through many challenges to return to Joe. You will see Joe's family trying to find the money for coal and food for the family. You will also experience the love of the family members as they meet each challenge.

Such a wonderful story to share with your children. It is a chapter book which is perfect as a read aloud.
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