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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Book Review - The Red Hat

The Red Hat

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About the Book
Billy Hightower spends his whole life alone in a skyscraper high above a big city. Then one day, a skyscraper is built next door and a girl moves in. Could she be a friend? But every time Billy tries to reach out to her, the wily Wind gets in his way! Can Billy find a way to outsmart the Wind and make a new friend, or will he be swept away?

My Take on the Book
Billy Hightower lives in a skyscraper. He wants to meet the girl in the red hat who lives in the adjacent skyscraper. However a blustery wind thwarts all attempts Billy makes for meeting her.
The story illustrates some creative problem solving by Billy and he perseveres and eventually meets the girl with the red hat. 

I think you and your child will enjoy seeing the different ideas Billy uses. Maybe you could create some of your own ideas for Billy to try too.
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