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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DVD Review - Regular Show - Mordecai Pack

Regular Show - Mordecai Pack
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About the DVD
This DVD contains 16 episodes from the Regular Show cartoon.

1. Bet to Be Blonde
2. Country Club
3. Paint Job
4. Guy's Night
5. Caveman
6. Every Meat Burritos
7. Real Date
8. Saving Time
9. New Year's Kiss
10. Laundry Woes
11. Dodge This
12. Portable Toilet
13. Play Date
14. Tants
15. Bad Portrait
16. Maxin' and Relaxin'

My Take on the DVD
I have enjoyed the Regular Show for some time, and this DVD had a great collection of episodes. For me, my favorites on this was Play Date and Caveman. While these were my favorites there were so many others that were still both funny, witty and well written. While the series is a bit quirky and the characters a bit strange, that is what makes the series memorable for me! I loved this DVD and any fan of this series will too.

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